Online Publications

Guns Are People, Too” in Thin Air Magazine

Ryan Gosling” in Eunoia Review

Two Poems in UCity Review

The Trees! They Are Striking Themselves!” in The Penn Review

Footnotes” in Strange Poetry

On Losing My Virginity for a Second Time” in Babe Soda

Alternative Facts” in Gravel

Does a Hot Air Balloon Dream of the Ground…” in (b)OINK zine

Two Poems in 8-West Press

Two Poems in Cease, Cows

Three Poems in Jet Fuel Review

Epilogue” in Unbroken Journal

The Color Orange” in Cooper Street Review

Something Not About a Damselfly” in Amaryllis 

It Was All of Summer After a Rain” in THE AIRGONAUT

Two Poems in Beech Street Review

Real Life with Science” in Landfill

The Anatomy of Bae” in Moonglasses Magazine

Two Poems in Forage

Two Poems in Jazz Cigarette

The Problem with Limbs” and “What Is Anything Without Pandas” and “from Movie Star in Action Film” and “Night with Tongues” and “I Never Want to Grow Civil War Old” and “Sex Poem Written at a Coffee Shop in a Night in November” in Eunoia Review

Better Some” in Algebra of Owls

Three Poems in Five 2 One Magazine 

Three Poems in Clear Poetry


“Even the Flies Are Flirting” in SYNAPSE



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